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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Consultant, BLK Centre for Bone Marrow Transplant. He is a winner of Gold Medal in M.D., he is particularly interested in Bone Marrow Transplantation in children....

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Mr. Krishna Man Gurung from Nepal got treated at BLK Hospital for Gastrectomy by Dr. Rudra Prasad Acharya and Dr. Archit Pandit from BLK Cancer Centre....

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Beware, parents! Don't ignore your child's leg pain

Don't ignore this as "growing up pain" but consider it as a signal for bone or knee-related ailments in the future, health experts caution...

Firecrackers: A few seconds of joy has untold health hazards (Oct 23 is Diwali)

Noting an increase in the number of respiratory problems and burn injuries during Diwali, health experts advise caution while celebrating the festival

BLKSS Hospital provides medical support to Jammu flood victims

BLK Hospital has taken a stand to help the people who are suffering from various ailment due to this situation...

How to start the Morning

How to start the morning in a healthy way to make the entire day better. article by Dr. Jeevanjyot Bahia, Consultant, Internal Medicine...

Carelessness in kids

Carelessness in kids and its after effects on a longer run. Inputs from Dr. J. S. Bhasin, Sr. Consultant and HOD, Pediatric Department...

35% die due to heart diseases

The study underlined how the service class of Delhi are at the greater risk of heart attacks. The young and the employed in the city endure...

BLK Team in J&K

Our Hospital has sent a team of doctors comprising of Physician, Pediatrician and Orthopedician along with nurses and other support staff...

Painting event and parents get to gather for children

BLKSS Hospital organised painting event and parents get to gather for children suffering from leukemia (blood cancer)...

1st Annual BLK Neuro Vascular Conference

BLK Centre of Neurosciences under the aegis of Delhi Neurological Association ABNC 2014, November 7th - 9th 2014, New Delhi...

Causes of hernia and treatment

The article talks about various types of hernia, causes of hernia and treatment...

We Love to Handle complex issues

More people are focusing on their careers and are marrying late. The very process of planning a baby is delayed...

Pressure controlled inverse ratio ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome patients

Appropriate ventilatory intervention is life saving in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)...

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