Why Delhi

Delhi vies with almost all international cities in terms of its infrastructure, tourist attractions and rich culture. The hospitals in New Delhi are of an international standard, and the local amenities provide a pleasant travel experience. Local doctors and nurses are familiar with treating foreign patients and all speak English.



Being the capital of the country, the city has a very large international airport that functions round the clock and is connected to every country on earth. Delhi is well developed, haswide roads, and round the clock emergency response including air lifting. The city enjoys fast and efficient transport systems such as the pollution free metro network, which make it very convenient to move around.



Easy availability of comfortable places to stay, and multiple routes to connectivity with your loved ones back home, such as cell phones and internet, make Delhi a very “feel-at-home” place. The city is the beautiful home of abounding greenery, with many famous tourist spots.



Delhi is a city rich in heritage. The city is nearly 2000 years old and is dotted with palaces, tombs, memorials, and heritage parks  beautiful examples of old Indian architecture. Delhi is very close to other tourist attractions – Taj Mahal and the city of Agra, Jaipur and other colorful cities of Rajasthan, and the beautiful Himachal – which can be visited through easily arranged  sight -seeing trips.