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  • The doctors, nurses on duty are attentive & caring. They have given all sorts of co-operation and attention to the patient. Giving full marks for then tremendous care and support to the pati...
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Accreditation & Quality

Drive towards continuous improvement

With the collective belief that the most simple is often the most effective, the BLK leadership team follows the quality cycle of planning, designing, checking and applying the learning to continuously improve the services. Quality indicators have been defined for every significant process, and are monitored to ensure continuous quality improvement, to achieve international benchmarks.

More importantly, extensive interactions take place between the management and the staff so that the organization's passion of constant learning and improving cascades down to the last rank.

Quality Policy
  • Realisation of hospital’s vision and mission.
  • Meeting changing needs and expectations of the patients.
  • Introduce quality in all its services and ensure continuous improvement of quality through national and international accreditations.

Quality Objectives

  • Engage credentialed professionals in all disciplines and services.
  • Continuously update the knowledge of the professionals through in-house or external training, participation in academic activities such as CMEs, seminars, symposia, conferences and by providing access to internet and journals and books in the hospital library.

Promote Research

  • Provide state-of-the-art health care with compassion and dignity to all.
  • Introduce established newer technologies in clinical services without delay.
  • Provide reliable and updated diagnostic services.
  • Monitor all critical processes to ensure continuance of quality.
  • Create health awareness across the sections of the population of Delhi.
  • Introduce postgraduate courses and fellowships in different clinical disciplines.
  • Start training programmes for paramedical staff.
  • Extend health consciousness in the community.
  • Provide free health care to indigent patients.
  • Ensure safety of patients, attendants, employees and all stakeholders.
  • Practice environmental management systems.
  • Continuously enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Promote staff development and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Establish an efficient Hospital Information System to have paperless and permanent access to patient records and easy analysis of outcomes.
  • Establish quality assurance system to minimize pre analytical, analytical and post analytical errors with laboratories.

Quality Parameters

  • The hospital has been designed for maximum safety and comfort of the patients and healthcare providers. It complies with national and international standards for hospital accreditation.
  • Clinical governance is an integral part of our practice.
  • Robust quality and infection control practices are in place.
  • Best in class modular OT’s and ICU’s with HEPA filters, laminar air flow and 20 complete air changes per hour and access control minimise the risk of infection.
  • Isolation rooms have been earmarked in the ICU to treat critically ill infectious patients thus preventing threat to other patients.
  • Stringent “Biomedical Waste Management” practices for segregation, storage, transport and disposal of hospital waste are in place.
  • Green building: The hospital is designed to allow sunlight in most of the ICUs and patient rooms as it minimizes stress on the patients and gives them proper orientation of time.
  • The hospital has one of the most advanced “Building Management Systems” which help in patient and employee safety and reduce the excessive burden on the infrastructure and environment.
  • Delhi’s first automated pneumatic chute system for immediate transfer of samples, medicines and documents minimizing delays & ensuring safe and hygienic transfer.
  • The “Hospital Information System” used is most advanced and user friendly and helps to reduce medical errors as well as contributes to faster and better patient management

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