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Brachial Plexus Injury
Posted On: 28-Jan-2016

Brachial Plexus Injury

Aryan Katyal 14 yrs old boy met with a road accident while he was on a motorbike and he collided with a car. In the accident his shoulder was fractured and he got severe brachial plexus nerves injury. Aryan was treated for shoulder fracture and was cured of the fracture as well, but his brachial plexus nerves injury was left unattended hoping that they will recover. Because of the same Aryan’s right upper limb was paralyzed. Aryan visited many doctors but all he got was assurance, infact he was also advised that he may have to go for amputation due to the immense pain and no hand function. The family visited Dr. (Maj. Gen) A.S. Bath at BLK Super Speciality Hospital. After clinical evaluation and detailed investigations of Aryan, the doctors decided to do nerve transfer and tendon transfer surgery on him in one go.

This was a complex surgery, as doctors took the functional nerves and tendons from the same limb and implanted them to the paralyzed muscles where the nerves were dead and replaced them with healthy nerves and tendons. Brachial plexus surgery operations are very rare and very few surgeons perform this kind of surgery in India, because the results of the surgery are very dismal and do not show great results for a long period of time in most of the cases.

However the new procedures which have been invented in last few years have started giving very promising results if performed within 6 months of injury before gross muscle atrophy takes place.

Dr. Bath is one of the pioneer in this field of surgery. The surgery done by Dr. Bath was successful and Aryan got his hand movement back in just three months. He can move his hands, his fingers and elbow which are all fully functional now and he is attending school and writing with his right hand. Aryans parents were fearing that Aryan has been crippled and he will not be able to go to school as his right hand was paralyzed but thanks to Dr Bath, Aryan has recently started attending school and is writing with his right hand.

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