Paediatric Haematology & Oncology

The Paediatric Haematology & Oncology Unit at BLK Super Speciality Hospital offers comprehensive paediatric cancer care. From diagnostic evaluation, therapy plans to extensive psychological and social support, we at Paediatric Oncology Unit attack cancer from every angle.

With a large number of Paediatric Oncology, Haematology, Immunology, and Bone Marrow Transplant, all under one roof, we offer patients the ability to participate in the broadest possible range of clinical trials, with access to potential therapies.

Our facility has the largest Bone Marrow Transplant unit in India, offering autologous and allogeneic transplants. At BLK Hospital, we believe that no child should suffer from cancer and should not be denied treatment due to a lack of funds. Hence, we engage NGOs to provide financial and social support to needy children and their families.
Our team of doctors boasts of both nationally and internationally trained experts, treating a range of diseases pertaining to Haematology, Oncology, and Immunology.

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If you think you are facing similar conditions, or have suffered from them in the past, please contact the BLK Hospital team to schedule an appointment at : +91-11-30403040

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