Our Andrology Unit at the Centre for Urology of BLK Super Speciality Hospital manages patients with Andrological conditions focusing on male infertility and male sexual and reproductive health. Our mission is to improve the health of the people suffering from male sexual disorders and help them live a quality life. Our experienced Andrologists and Infertility Specialists follow a multidisciplinary approach to provide our patients with a complete range of services right from evaluation of their reproductive health consisting of various basic and advanced investigations as well as a consultation to the treatment.

The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which assure that our patient receives the highest quality of care and confidentiality. Every patient under our care is provided with evidence-based; easy to understand information on treatment approaches we follow to treat the male reproductive and sexual health. 

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If you think you are facing similar conditions, or have suffered from them in the past, please contact the BLK Hospital team to schedule an appointment at : +91-11-30403040

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