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BLK Super Specialty Hospital had recently performed a successful Artificial Heart Implantation on a young Iraqi National with critical heart condition.

What was the case about?

BLK Heart Centre received a male patient from Iraq with a critical heart condition. He was previously admitted at multiple hospitals and was very sick. The patient was suffering from a severe disease of heart muscles. This anomaly led to a severe dysfunction in the left side of his heart. The valve leakage had created an enormous, irreversible enlargement of the main chamber of the heart (left ventricular is the main pumping chamber of the heart).

What was the procedure?

The only hope of survival for our patient was either a heart transplant or an assist device like LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device). Patients who have reached this stage of the disease categorically need a heart transplant. Since time is of the essence in such cases and transplants involve numerous donor availability issues, such patients are offered LVAD to greatly increase their chances of survival. For the recipient, LVAD can add 10 to 12 years of quality life and beyond.

LVAD is a very specialized and valuable device that is connected to the main chamber of the heart, from which it takes blood and then pumps it into the major artery of the heart called aorta. Performing this procedure demands a very high level of expertise, training and dexterity. This procedure is so specialized that only a few centres across the world and India offer it.

What was the result?

After implanting LVAD in the heart of our patient, we also repaired his defective heart valve. As post-operative management of the patient requires advanced, highly skilled ICU care and multi-disciplinary approach, our patient was observed at all times by our dedicated medical team. In 2-3 days, the patient had recovered well and had started walking. Post his discharge, the patient is able to do his routine work without any problem.

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