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Dr. Akshay Kapoor

Visiting Consultant



  • MBBS
  • MD (Pediatrics)


Presently working as a Visiting Consultant at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi

Previous Experience:

  • Consultant - Indraprastha Apollo Hospital
  • Senior Resident -Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital Lady Harding Medical College

Speciality Interest

Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Awards and Achievements

  • Abstract on Experience from the first successful Liver Transplant Program in India selected for Oral presentation in the International Pediatric Transplantation Association World Congress in Warsaw July 2013.
  • Awarded the Young Investigator Award at the 4th World Conference of Pediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition in November 2012 in Taiwan.
  • Travel award to attend the International Pediatric Transplantation Association Congress in Heidelberg (Germany) June 2012, where a paper on the first decade of liver transplantation in India was presented.
  • Received the best post graduate award in 2004 in Lady Harding Medical College
  • Secured second position overall in final MBBS examination conducted by Delhi University in 2003
  • Achieved 22nd position overall in the Post graduate Entrance examination conducted on national basis.
  • Selected in Lady Harding Medical College as Post Graduate, one of the largest pediatric centres in Asia.
  • Presented original research papers in international conferences of repute.
  • National Topper in English Language at the SSC Level (97%)
  • Recipient of the prestigious Junior Science Talent Search Examination, conducted by Government of India for 150 students nationwide
  • Winner of the Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition Award
  • Secured 3rd position overall in the 15th Annual All India UNESCO Information Test
  • Awarded the Continental Extra-Ordinary Merit School Student Award by the World Spiritual Convocation YMCA, New Delhi
  • Awarded the National Scholarships Scheme in recognition of being in the top 0.1% of the students appearing for the exam at SSC Level


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  • Anupam Sibal, Akshay Kapoor, Vidyut Bhatia. Neonatal Cholestasis. Treatment and Prognosis in Pediatrics. Jaypee Brothers 2013
  • Anupam Sibal, Akshay Kapoor, Vidyut Bhatia. Hepatitis B and C infection. Treatment and Prognosis in Pediatrics. Jaypee Brothers 2013
  • Sarath Gopalan, Anupam Sibal, Vidyut Bhatia, Akshay Kapoor, Swati Seth, Smita Malhotra. Autoimmune Liver Diseases. Treatment and Prognosis in Pediatrics. Jaypee Brothers 2013

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