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BLK Hospital ready for fighting cancer in Punjab
Posted On: 28-Mar-2016

Cancer screening OPD
Tribune News Service - Amritsar, March 26
New-Delhi based BLK Super Speciality Hospital will organize OPD services on last Sunday of every month for the screening of cancer patients.

A team of experts will carry out the exercise of screening, prevention and early detection of cancer among the local people at local Amandeep Hospital.

Dr Kapil Kumar, Director, Surgical Oncology of the hospital, said the region had high incidence of cancer cases. He said starting of a regular OPD in Amritsar would help in preventing the spread of the deadly disease. The first OPD session would be held on Sunday.

He said breast, cervical and uterus cancers were more commonly prevalent among women in Punjab, whereas esophagus, prostate and oral cancers were more common among men. “The need of the hour is to encourage all women above 40 years for examination of any symptoms of breast cancer,” he added.

He said, “Cancer can be best cured if diagnosed early. Therefore, it is crucial to consult doctors at regular intervals and go for screening. BLK will conduct regular OPDs in Amritsar to raise awareness among people specially women, who can further encourage their families to take up screening regularly.”

Link: http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/amritsar/cancer-screening-opd-today/213911.html

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