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How to deal with kidney diseases
Posted On: 31-Dec-2015

How to deal with kidney diseases
Dec 29 2015 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Dr Sunil Prakash, Senior Consultant and Director, Nephrology and Renal Transplant Services, BLK Centre for Renal Sciences and Kidney Transplant, BLK Super Speciality Hospital, answers a few questions about keeping your kidneys healthy.

What roles do the kidneys play in our body?
Kidneys, the two bean-shaped organs that lie in the centre of our body, clean the insides of our body by throwing out all waste products from food and body metabolism, especially strong acids and nitrogenous wastes. They also excrete excess water from the body , make our bones strong as well as help in making blood.

What are the causes of kidney failure?
There could be various causes for kidney failure. Most common among them are: Diabetes High Blood Pressure Infection of kidney Sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity It is suspected that prolonged consumption of junk food, food polluted with fertilizers and poisonous pesticides, increased use of chemicals such as DDT etc.for controlling disease outbreaks also contribute to kidney failure.

Ignoring early signs of a medical condition and avoiding routine check-ups can also intensify the situation.

What are the best ways to avoid kidney diseases?
Prevention, as always, is better than cure. Health education in school can be a good starting point. One must also focus on checking the 5S ­ sugar, salt, smoke, stress and sedentary lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout and routine check-ups could go a long way in preventing kidney diseases.

Do all kidney diseases lead to dialysistransplant?
No. Only some kidney patients need dialysistransplant. Most cases can be managed well by lifestyle changes, medication and regular check-ups.

What are the options available to a patient in advanced stages of Kidney failure?

Kidney transplant is the best available option. Many patients with advanced kidney disease do not have donors. Having said that, a good quality and regular dialysis can also keep a patient alive for decades.

Can a patient's own kidneys be ret pairedregenerated?

Science is working overtime in this direction and soon this dream will be come a reality. Interventions such as stem cell therapy are potentially lethal as they cannot revive the kidneys at all.

BLK Centre for Renal Sciences and Kidney Transplant, BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Pusa Road, New Delhi.

Link: http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31808&articlexml=How-to-deal-with-kidney-diseases-29122015102009


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