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With balloons in their belly, brides-to-be fight battle of bulge

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With balloons in their belly, brides-to-be fight battle of bulge
Posted On: 03-Nov-2015

With balloons in their belly, brides-to-be fight battle of bulge
Nov 03 2015 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Many would-be brides in Delhi are taking to balloons to lose weight. They are undergoing procedure which involves implanting a silicone balloon, which are filled with water, into the stomach.

This, doctors said, gives them a sense of fullness thus reducing the appetite and leading to a weight loss of 10 kg to 15 kg in six months to a year.

“Young girls looking to get married prefer this technique, also referred to as gastric balloon, over bariatric surgery because it is non-invasive.Also, the balloons do not have to be kept inside forever. They are taken out as soon as there is significant weight reduction to avoid any side-effect,“ said Dr Deep Goel, Director, Bariatric Surgery at BLK super specialty hospital.

He, however, added that many such patients tend to suffer from rebound hunger that leads to weight gain. Dr. Goel said he does seven to eight gastric balloon cases a month, mostly involving would-be brides.

Dr Anil Arora, director, Institute of Liver, Gastroenterology and Pancreaticobiliary Sciences at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, they are also conducting the procedure regularly.

“The balloon is implanted in the stomach using an endoscope. Then, it is inflated. Newer balloons come with caps to adjust the fluid you want to fill in them. Normally , 350 ml to 400 ml of fluid is used to inflate the balloon but if a patient feels nauseated or vomit, the amount is reduced,“ he said.

The experts said the balloon technology costs about Rs 1 lakh, which is very high as the benefits are temporary . “Most balloons are currently impor ted from the US. If Indian companies start making them, the costs will go down. It can be used effectively for weight loss in a larger subset of obese patients, for example heart and kidney patient, who cannot undergo surgery ,“ Dr Arora said. In the UK, the doctors are using a gastric balloon in pill as it can be swallowed overnight to help people achieve rapid weight loss without surgery . It is not available in India though.

Dr Pradeep Chowbey , chairman, department of minimal access surgery at Max hospital, Saket, said balloon technology acts mostly as a bridge to bypass surgery . “It helps lose small amount of weight. But the cost involved is quite high so we often suggest to patients to try out diet modification and exercises instead,“ he said. Bariatric surgery , which is more common, involves stapling of a portion of the stomach to reduce a person's appetite.

Link: http://epaperbeta.timesofindia.com/Article.aspx?eid=31808&articlexml=With-balloons-in-their-belly-brides-to-be-03112015004070#


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