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Smoking main cause of youth heart disease deaths

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Smoking main cause of youth heart disease deaths
Posted On: 03-Jun-2015

‘Smoking main cause of youth heart disease deaths’
May 31, 2015 | Age Correspondent | New Delhi
On the eve of “World No Tobacco Day”, health experts said that smoking is the primary cause of 75 per cent deaths due to heart disease in the young population. Experts said that the resting heart rate of young smokers is two to three beats per minute faster than that of non-smokers in their age group.

Health experts said that ‘Nicotine’ present in tobacco is addictive and it temporarily increases a person’s blood pressure and heart rate upon consumption. Research indicated that globally smoking is the cause of one-tenth of the entire cardiovascular disease burden.
Associate director and head, Cardiac Cath Lab, Max Balaji Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj, Dr Manoj Kumar said, “In addition to the heart, tobacco consumption affects the functioning of other body parts too. Research has shown that smoking from a young age damages a person’s brain, lungs, kidneys, affects their oral health and increases the chances of cancer. We use a term ‘tobaccosis’ to denote collectively all the diseases that result from smoking and the intake of tobacco.”

Research found that tobacco consumption is extremely dangerous for the heart as the nicotine present in it increases the smoker’s blood pressure causing blood clots in the arteries and the carbon monoxide formed in the body leads to cholesterol deposits on the walls of the arteries.

“People do not realise the serious health implications smoking comes with and it’s ability to have a lifelong impact on one’s heart. It is a known fact that a person who smokes a pack or more of cigarettes in a day is most likely to live seven years lesser than what he would if he was a non-smoker,” said Senior Interventional cardiologist at Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute, Dr Santosh Kumar Agarwal.

Talking about the ill effect of smoking Director GI Oncology at BLK Super Speciality Hospital Dr Deep Goel said that women who smoked are 20 per cent more prone to suffer colon cancer (cancer of the large intestine) than who never smoked in life.

“In last decade has seen sudden rise in number of colon cancer and WHO has also recognised that it was caused due to smoking,” added Dr Goel. Cancer specialists at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre (RGCI&RC) have recommended a series of measures to collectively address the menace of growing use of tobacco.

“We have to create mechanisms to inspect factories churning out millions of gutkha pouches a day and ensure that they adhere to strictest norms of quality. We should have a 100 percent anti-smoking display and messages on all cigarettes packs. In fact the butts of the cigarettes too should carry a message and should be red in colour to convey continued warning,” said, medical director at RGCI&RC, Dr AK Dewan.

Link: http://www.asianage.com/delhi/smoking-main-cause-youth-heart-disease-deaths-933

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