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 Being diagnosed with cancer can be a devastating part for anyone, whether it’s a person himself diagnosed with cancer or someone he/she loves. Dealing with emotions like shock, grief, and fear is not an easy task for cancer patients or for their family members.

BLKCC is one of the renowned cancer centres in Delhi that provides cancer counselling and support services for you and your family to develop coping skills, which will make your cancer treatment journey go more smoothly. Our professionals are proficient and have extensive experience in helping people manage and respond to their mixed emotions about life’s challenges.

To us, providing total care is more than just a treatment. We at BLKCC are determined to provide care and support at every stage of cancer treatment, from diagnosis to your return back to a healthier tomorrow. We are dedicated to improve the quality of life of every cancer patient and strive to provide them with the best after treatment support services.


Patient Testimonials

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    Choudhary Ram
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  • Igamberdy Sarsynbayev | Tumor in the Tongue | Carcinogenic | Kazakhstan

    Igamberdy Sarsynbayev
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  • Mr.Nadir Eltayeb Bakhet Mohamed | Eye Tumors | Eye Tumors Treatment | Sudan

    Nadir Eltayeb
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  • Unnat Ramjiyani | Esophagectomy Cancer | Esophagectomy Cancer Treatment | India

    Unnat Ramjiyani
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  • Nancy Mumbi Chege | Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer Treatment | Kenya

    Nancy Mumbi
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