Infection Control

The primary concern of our Infection Control and Prevention Program at the hospital is to maintain the safety and health of our patients. The Infection control practices we offer are important in maintaining a safe environment for our patients, visitors, healthcare providers & staff and helps in reducing the risk of the potential spread of healthcare-associated infections caused by bacteria (germs). The hospital has adopted various robust quality and infection control practices, such as:

  • Washing hands more often
  • Environmental cleaning
  • Single use of supplies
  • Sterilization of equipment
  • Antibiotic control
  • Intravenous line care
  • Educating people about infection control practices
  • Additional isolation precautions

The Infection Control team offers regular training on infection prevention and control to doctors, staff, and other matrons with a commitment to protect everyone visiting the hospital from infection. All the elements of our Infection Control program from time to time by a designated committee with an aim to improvise as par set standards.

Infection Prevention Is Everyone’s Business – See What You Can Do To Help:

  • Perform Hand hygiene- because care begins with clean hands - Considered as the best defence against infection, good hand hygiene is a must. Patients, visitors, and staff members must use BLK’s facilities to wash their hands and then use hand sanitizer gel from the dispensers. 
  • Do not visit the patient if you are unwell - If you are suffering from common cold & flu, diarrhoea or vomiting, have a fever, a rash, or any other infection, it is advisable not to go to the hospital to visit a patient. 
  • Cover your sneeze - It is requested to cover your mouth with a tissue or a sleeve while you sneeze or cough instead of hands and then dispose of the tissue in the dustbin. You may be required to wear a mask.
  • Eating outside food near a patient is strictly prohibited - It is our responsibility to reduce the infection. Kindly do not eat outside food near the patient or feed him the same food. BLK’s has ultramodern cafeterias with amazing food, prefer eating there.
  • Do not use the patient’s toilet - BLK offers world-class facilities to visitors with separate public toilets. Please do not use the patient’s washroom.
  • Bring or Sending flowers and outside food is not allowed - We do not entertain outside food, flower, or fruit inside the patient’s ward. We have a legal obligation to comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Act and take it very seriously the safety, handling, composition, labelling, and hygiene of food provided to the patients in our care.

Quality Parameters

  • World-class modular OT’s and ICU’s with HEPA filters, laminar air flow and 20 complete air changes per hour  with access control  in order to minimise the risk of infection.
  • ICUs with isolation rooms to treat critically ill infectious patients. These rooms help in preventing other patients from the infectious threat. 
  • Stringent “Biomedical Waste Management” practices are followed for segregation, storage, transport, and disposal of hospital waste.
  • The hospital is designed in a systematic way to allow sunlight in the ICUs and patient rooms as it helps in minimizing the risk of infection and stress of patients.
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital has Delhi’s first automated pneumatic chute system that helps in immediate transfer of medicines, samples, and documents thereby minimising delays & ensuring safe and hygienic transfer.


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