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Surgical Oncology

Department of Surgical Oncology consists of very competent and experienced faculty for comprehensive management of cancers. We have site specific experts to deal with cancers of various parts of the body. Department of Thoracic and Gastrointestinal Oncology deals with all range of surgeries including lung surgeries, oesophagectomies, gastric and liver resections, colectomies, radical pancreatic  surgeries etc.

Head & Neck oncology deals with various endoscopic procedures, major and minor resections, organ preservation surgeries, as well as complex reconstructions including free flaps.

Breast Oncology team deals with all kind of breast surgeries including radical resections, breast conservations, variety of breast reconstructions as well as sentinel lymph node techniques.

Similarly Uro-oncology to deal with various surgeries of urinary system like nephrectomies, cystectomies, penectomies etc.

Bone and soft tissue to deal with all major soft tissue tumour resections with special emphasis on limb salvage surgeries and reconstructive procedures.

Tumour Board: 
We have a unique system where various faculty members interacts closely to reach a consensus for an individual patients planning and treatment. We actively involve the colleagues from Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine etc.  in the Tumour board and each case is discussed in detail and final treatment plan is made after reviewing the inputs of the patient with  his or her concurrence. Type and stage of the disease, details of surgical planning as well as its likely outcome are always explained to the patient before starting the treatment. There are excellent operation theatre facilities in hospital with state of the art equipment backed up by good post-operative ward and ICU to take care of patients.


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