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Developmental Paediatric

Developmental monitoring is as important as assessment of child’s growth. Worldwide developmental disabilities account for 10- 15 % of total diseases of childhood, which are far more than medical illnesses like- asthma, epilepsy etc. These are often missed if not specifically looked for. At times parents are often at loss of a support system where they can discuss these issues or get the correct information.

At child development clinic we offer host of services from routine development screening for normal children to addressing parental concerns about specific areas of development to dealing with complex developmental and behavioral disorders likes autism spectrum, ADHD , cerebral palsy etc . A routine development screening is recommended worldwide for all children at ages -9 months, 18 months, 24/ 30 months .

We offer following services:

  1. Developmental Assessment for normal children as routine screening, children with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, high risk newborn follow ups etc.
  2. Behavioral Assessments and Counseling for children with behavioral issues - Attention deficit hyperactivity, oppositional defiant disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders etc
  3. Psychoeducational assessments for children with learning difficulties and disorders. We work closely with schools and aid in formulating their individualized educational plan
  4. Parental guidance and Counselling
  5. Intervention planning and services for - occupational therapy , speech and language therapy and special education
  6. Regular training and medical education program for parents and resource professionals.

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