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Lactation Counselling Services

Our Centre is supported by International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), who help mothers and families in achieving their breastfeeding goals.

The best time to seek counselling services is late antenatal period where the expert provides the mother with evidence based information about:

  • - The risks of not breastfeeding and the significance of breastfeeding for the mother and child
  • - Impact of various healthy birth practices in initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding
  • - Basics of positioning and latching on the baby for effective breastfeeding
  • - Steps to take in case of maternal infant separation, if expecting a premature or special needs baby, etc.

Post-delivery, our breastfeeding support staff help mothers to deal with all the issues related to breastfeeding and also address initial concerns like sore nipples, poor milk supply, engorgement, etc.

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