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Path Breaking Procedure Doctors Decommission Artificial Heart Of An Iraqi Patient, Failed Heart Revives With Year-Long Medication & Monitoring


First in Asia, BLK Super Speciality Hospital doctors with innovative technology decommissioned artificial heart of Hani Jawad Mohammed who had undergone Artificial Heart Transplant (LVAD)

One year of continuous monitoring, medications & rest helped recuperate the natural heart which is nothing less than a medical miracle

During the past couple of years, Hani Jawad Mohammed,52, an Iraqi businessman, experienced many phases of life from captivities by terrorists, gunshots, crippled heart, and terminal hear failure. Hani Jawad immediately required surgical intervention for his heart and Dr. Ajay Kaul – Chairman & Head of CTVS, BLK Heart Centre and team with advanced Artificial Heart Transplant (LVAD), gave him a new lease of life. Post implantation, patient was on constant & consistent follow up with Dr. Kaul and his team in order to maintain his parameters.  One year of continuous monitoring and medications helped recuperate the ailing original heart. A year after he came back to BLK Super Specialty Hospital for follow up and after thorough investigations, doctors found the original heart had restarted functioning properly even beyond their expectation. Hence, they weaned off the artificial heart and now Jawad’s own natural heart started beating again normally without any support.